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Eating Last Summer’s Corn, Waiting for This Spring’s Spring

Adobo Shrimp TostadasLittle by little, spring food is seeping into the local markets. At the Carroll Gardens greenmarket in Brooklyn last weekend, I picked up a very tasty bunch of tiny radishes. They came from Lani’s Farm in South Jersey, and they were grown in the real ground under the real sun, not in a greenhouse. I also got a beautiful bunch of pea shoots from Fishkill Farms, and a pint of (hooray!) strawberries. Both were greenhouse-grown but both tasted very much of spring.Radishes with Salsa Fixings

What I really was hoping to find though were fiddleheads. An inside source at GrowNYC told me I might find some at the Rogowski Farm booth, but no luck. At Rogowski’s booth they told me that either the fiddleheads weren’t up yet or the farmer hadn’t yet made it out to the woods to get them. There were ramps and nettles in the market, but I’d have to wait for my fiddleheads fix.

In the meantime I’m enjoying those pea shoots (the strawberries I bought are long gone), and rummaging through my freezer for the last of what I put up last summer. Corn and Jalapeno SalsaThis simple corn and jalapeno salsa could easily have been made with canned or commercially frozen corn, but it tasted much better with the corn I froze myself. Brightened with cilantro and lime, it lit up a dinner of black bean and adobo shrimp tostadas (topped with those radishes). Its sunny taste was a happy memory of last summer and, at the same time, with the spring sun finally warming the ground, a preview of the summer to come.

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    [...] would love to tell you how cooking with fiddleheads brings the qi of wood, the element of spring, into your food. I’d love to say how traditional [...]

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