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NYC Greenmarkets 23 Jul 2010 05:15 pm

McCarren Park Greenmarket — Late July

This week’s McCarren Park Greenmarket update from market manager Chelsea Whittaker:
Starting this Saturday, King Ferry Winery will be at the market. Now you can pick up a bottle or two of wine while you do your weekly shopping. Now that’s what I call one-stop local shopping! And remember, you can use your debit, credit, and EBT (food stamp) cards at the market.

NYC Greenmarkets 16 Jul 2010 01:12 pm

Greenmarket Updates – Mid July

Market Update from Chelsea Whittaker, Manager of the McCarren Park Greenmarket:

Curious about composting? Then stop by the market at 11am for an indoor and outdoor composting workshop with Kate Zidar of the North Brooklyn Composting Project! And don’t forget that the market is now accepting EBT (food stamp), debit, and credit cards.

As of last week we have Cranberry Hall Farm back in the market! They have the first corn of the season and some delicious looking tomatoes. Wilklow Orchard is also in the market now, selling their sweet berries and currants. Stop by the market this Saturday for these new additions.

Seasonal Cooking 11 Jul 2010 09:48 pm

Rustic Tarts at the Grilliardsburg BBQ

This weekend was Grilliardsburg, Karol Lu’s annual BBQ held  in the back courtyard of Redd’s Tavern.  For last year’s event I made a lattice-topped peach pie, and I thought it might be hard to top that this year. Not to mention I had less time to prepare, so I decided instead of a pie I’d make rustic tarts.  They weren’t going to look as fancy, but I’d found some nice-looking fresh blueberries and sour cherries at the farmers’ market, so at least I knew they’d taste good.

I also used the all-purpose flour from Cayuga Farms, who grow and mill their wheat upstate and sell it at the Union Square and McCarren Park Greenmarkets. Their flour is less refined than what you find in the grocery store, so the crust has a darker color and a heartier, nutty flavor. It definitely has a fuller taste than most white flour, but doesn’t taste like whole wheat.

Rustic tarts really are quicker to put together than a full-blown pie: just roll the dough out into something like a circle, spread or pile the filling on its center dot the filling with chunks of butter, and fold the edges of the dough over onto it. There’s no need to make the edges of the crust even, or to flute the edges of the crust, or to weave an lattice on top.

As I was assembling my tart I had a brief, small panic: the crust wasn’t holding together. It was tearing. Since the tart doesn’t bake in a pan, it’s less forgiving when it comes to patching up tears. I was just about ready to give up and turn my tart into a pandowdy, when I remembered I’d forgotten a step: the fraisage.  In the fraisage, which I learned from an old issue of Cooks Illustrated, you lightly smear the dough away from yourself with the ball of your hand. This toughens up the dough slightly, enough to allow it to be assembled and baked without a pan, but not as much as kneading would do. After fraisaging it gently I re-rolled the dough & had a much easier time assembling it.

The look of a rustic tart definitely has a charm of its own. You can leave them entirely rough-edged, like mine, or you can pare the edges of the crust until they’re smooth and even, and layer the edges into uniform folds. This will give your tart an elegant look, like this, but then, that’s not very rustic, is it?

NYC Greenmarkets 02 Jul 2010 10:50 am

Greenmarket Updates for July 3rd

Market Updates for the July 3 weekend from the Greenpoint and Borough Hall Market Managers:

Greenpoint Greenmarket Update:

Get ready for your 4th of July picnics and barbecues by stopping by the Greenpoint Greenmarket! Dipaola Turkey and Arcadian Pastures have juicy burgers and sausages ready for grilling. For those who prefer not to eat meat, Madura Farms has a variety of tasty mushrooms perfect for the grill! We will be making and serving up ice cream around 11am and there will be music all day!

Hope to see you at the market soon!

Borough Hall Greenmarket Update:

Hi yall,
This Saturday, July 3rd at the Brooklyn Borough Hall Greenmarket, we will be cooking local,sustainable Burgers! They’re from our long time farmers, Wilklow Orchards and Rexcroft Farm.

The burgers will fire up at 11 and will feature toppings and condiments from our other fantastic farms.
Its berry season so dessert will be a Red, White and Blueberry Trifle, featuring the many different types of berries our farmers grow.

I hope to see you there and please pass the news along.