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NYC Greenmarkets 17 Nov 2009 01:04 am

Chocolate – Delicata Squash Pie at the Cookoff

It was not my day to take the prize last Saturday, at the McCarren Park Greenmarket winter squash pie cookoff.  The laurels went instead to my friend and esteemed colleague Jane Grenier. Her masterful hazelnut-topped butternut-squash adaptation of Epicurious’ Pumpkin Ginger Cheesecake Pie (not to mention her vote-collecting two-pie strategy) won over the crowd of greenmarket shoppers. She won the day’s winter-squash crown and a bagful of market goodies. Congratulations Jane!

My own creation didn’t play nearly so well with the pie-loving crowds. It was a delicata squash custard layered atop chocolate granache.  I dreamed up the recipe one day at work while eating leftover pumpkin pie and a chocolate bar simultaneously. It was good, I thought, and if chocolate and pumpkin can be combined in pumpkin bread, why not in a pie? And while I’m at it, why can’t I use delicious, honey-sweet delicata squash in place of the pumpkin? Hm? Why not?

It turned out that the cookoff crowds had some reasons why not, since so few of them voted for my pie. But even so I felt I was onto a promising recipe, if only because of the gorgeous autumn-sunset-yellow color of the finished pie. It was at least worth another round in the Dave’s Kitchen test lab.

From Jane’s pie I took the idea of adding hazelnuts to the chocolate layer. And to give some bite to the squash custard layer I added orange peel and lemon juice. It may yet be a prize winning pie – I’ll find out this weekend when I enter it into the 1st Annual Brooklyn Pie Bake-Off Benefit at Spacecraft in Williamsburg. Come on out and see if I’ve made a competition-worthy pie after all!

My current version of the recipe for this pie can be found here.

NYC Greenmarkets 11 Nov 2009 10:14 pm

Greenpoint Greenmarket — Early November Market Report and Winter Squash Pie Contest

This Saturday, November 14, there will be a winter squash pie contest at the McCarren Park Greenmarket. The  best pie wins its baker a bag of goodies from the market booths, but the real winners of the contest will be the market customers, who get to taste each pie and vote for their favorite. I’ll have an entry on hand, though its exact recipe is still being formulated in the Dave’s Kitchen test labs. The lovely Karol Lu, decorated veteran of the Brooklyn Cookoff scene, will also be there, as will Jane Grenier, whose tarte tatin was a hit at last month’s Greenmarket apple pie contest. There’ll be other contestants besides, and we’ll be pulling out the stops to make some delicious pies. Come out and try ‘em!

Remember that the market has recently moved, and can now be found at Union between Driggs & N 12th.

From market manager Lauren, here’s some of what else you’ll find at the market this weekend:

Red Jacket has apple butter and delicious ciders.  Hot cider will be available at the market.

Osczepinski has a wide variety of winter squash. Once you’ve been inspired by the masterful pies at the cookoff you can pick up some squash and make your own.

Healthways has great potatoes.  Perfect for your winter soups and stews.

Arcadian pastures has whole rabbits and chickens.

Dipaola is accepting orders for Thanksgiving.  Turkeys (in a range of sizes) can be pre-ordered and picked up at the market.

And on Saturday the 21st, Daily candy will be hosting a “buy a bag” event.  Customers can buy a bag of produce (specific list of produce TBA) from the market and simply drop it off at the Daily Candy tent.  All proceeds go to NYC Food Bank!

See you on Saturday!